Your First Song: How to Market Your Work

The internet is making it very easy for indie artists and musicians to get the words out on their latest work. Social media, for example, enables you to reach thousands – even millions – of people in an instant. The same can be said for the audio and video sharing platforms we have today.


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In fact, we’re seeing an increase in independent musicians making it big these past few years, all with the help of internet. If you want to achieve the same level of success and you are ready to market your first song, here are some of the tricks you should definitely try.

Make an MV and a Lyric Video

There are two things you will need the most in order to market your new song. First, you need a kickass music video. Thanks to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras – along with a large array of software and tools currently available – you can shoot an amazing, cinematic music video with minimum budget.

A good approach is to add a story – one that relates well to the song – into your music video. The audience will still be there for the song, but you can engage them further by adding a story they can actually follow.

Another thing you need is a lyric video. This video is very similar to a music video, but you are actually displaying the lyrics to the song as the video progresses. Even top artists such as Justin Bieber are releasing official lyrics videos.

You can work with creative agencies such as Spiel and produce animated lyric video for your song. You can also go with the video-and-text approach, combining gorgeous visuals with tracking texts and other visual elements.

Be Friendly on Social Media

Let me be the first to say that there are a lot of trolls on social media; by a lot, I mean A LOT. They are not haters. They are not there to harm you. They’re just what they are; trolls. Don’t let this bad batch of social media users prevent you from shining on the platforms you join.

Always be friendly on social media. Engage your fans – and future fans – by asking questions and answering theirs. You can also share sneak peeks and other materials exclusively on social media. More importantly, engage with the industry influencers to gain more exposure. If you are releasing a Hip Hop title, it wouldn’t hurt to get a few notable names of the genre listening to your song.

Have you ever heard of Rich Chigga? The YouTube sensation is now playing with the big boys simply because he did great on capitalizing his social media presence. You could get there too.

Get Started!

Last, but certainly not least, get started! Release the song, prepare the materials you need to promote it and simply jump into the pool head first. The internet is your friend and the industry is readier than ever for independent artists to shine. This is your time; whether you can succeed in the market depends on how good you are at capitalizing on these new marketing tools you have around you.